Scholarships of the Spanish Programme for summer courses in Spain

The scholarships and prizes have the objective of helping deserving students with their costs when applying for intensive summer language courses in Spain. These prizes are for students who are studying for a Major / Minor in Spanish and are awarded according to academic merit or an essay/interview. Prizes will only be conferred to students who are going to Spain in the summer of the academic year in which they apply for the prize / scholarship. All prizes are for students who have just completed SPAN2002.

Other Schorlarships


The Spanish government offers many scholarships to students from around the world to go and study in Spain for summer intensive courses, undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Please check the links below for further information:

La Consejería de Educación de la Embajada de España en la República Popular China

The Office of Education of the Spanish Embassy in China aims to promote Spanish language and Hispanic culture in the Chinese educational system. It’s website lists most of the available scholarships for studying in Spain. In English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Instituto Cervantes en China

The Instituto Cervantes is an institution created by the Spanish Government in 1991 in order to promote Spanish language and Hispanic culture abroad. In the website of it’s Beijing Headquarters you can find all sorts of information about Scholarships and prizes for Chinese students. In Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Casa Asia

Casa Asia was founded as a means to have a closer contact and mutual understanding between Asia in Spain, through the analysis and discussion of many kinds of political, social, cultural, economic or environmental issues, by supporting activities and projects that try to improve the mutual knowledge of Spanish and Asian societies, as well as developing their cooperation. Their website offers information on scholarships, courses and job offers. In Spanish and English.


Various countries in Latin America offer scholarships to foreigners wishing to further their studies or get some work experience. Below are some links which may help you in the search for a suitable scholarship.


Created by the Colombian Government, this entity provides information about cooperation scholarships both for Colombians and for foreigners that want to work or study in Colombia. In Spanish.


The Mexican Agency of International Cooperation offers scholarships to study in Mexico.  You can find the information by visiting their website. In Spanish and English.


The Chilean Agency of International Cooperation also offers scholarships to international students. In Spanish.


The Argentine Network for International Cooperation’s website also announces scholarships for international students periodically. In Spanish and English.


Embajada de la República Popular de China en España

The People’s Republic of China’s Embassy in Spain often announces scholarships in it’s website. In Spanish an Mandarin Chinese.

Confucius Institute

This institution was created by the Chinese Government in  in order to promote Chinese language and culture abroad. Although it’s headquarters is in Beijing, it has branches all over the Hispanic world, with websites where you might find information about Scholarships and prizes for Chinese students. In Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.