Programme Learning Outcomes

The University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Arts
Major in Spanish
Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Programme Level OutcomesFaculty Level OutcomesUniversity Educational Aims
On successful completion of the major, students should be able to:Students majoring in Arts should be able to:Benchmarked against the highest international standards, the 4-year undergraduate curriculum at HKU is designed to enable our students to develop their capacities in:
Programme-level Learning Outcome 1.Arts Faculty Learning Outcome 1.University Educational Aim 1.
Discuss and critically analyse major aspects of the language, culture and society of the Spanish- speaking worldDemonstrate strong analytical ability through critical engagement with the discourses of the humanities   Develop an appreciation of the arts as a form of life-long learningPursuit of academic/professional excellence, critical intellectual inquiry and life-long learning
Programme-level Learning Outcome 2.Arts Faculty Learning Outcome 2.University Educational Aim 2.
Understand current issues in the Spanish-speaking world and critically appraise common received ideas in order to develop and articulate their own perspectivesCritically and creatively appraise received ideas and established knowledge   Demonstrate the ability to articulate their own perspectives and develop informed insights into fundamental human issuesTackling novel situations and ill-defined problems
Programme-level Learning Outcome 3.Arts Faculty Learning Outcome 3.University Educational Aim 3.
Demonstrate the ability to question their perception of the Spanish-speaking world and critically analyse the similarities and differences between their own culture and that of the Spanish- speaking worldQuestion their own values and reflect on the assumptions underlying their worldview   Appreciate difference through engagement with contending viewpoints and beliefsCritical self-reflection, greater understanding of others, and upholding personal and professional ethics
Programme-level Learning Outcome 4.Arts Faculty Learning Outcome 4.University Educational Aim 4.
Demonstrate an appreciation of the social, cultural, and aesthetic diversity of the Spanish-speaking worldDemonstrate an appreciation of the social, cultural and aesthetic diversity of the human heritage   Develop multicultural and cross- cultural perspectives on human issuesIntercultural understanding and global citizenship
Programme-level Learning Outcome 5.Arts Faculty Learning Outcome 5.University Educational Aim 5.
Understand and express ideas in Spanish at concrete and abstract levels in written and/or oral form as well as through other mediaDemonstrate strong communicative competency at both the concrete and abstract levels   Develop conversance with various forms of artistic communicationCommunication and collaboration
Programme-level Learning Outcome 6.Arts Faculty Learning Outcome 6.University Educational Aim 6.
Demonstrate the ability to play a mediating and facilitating role in interactions with the Spanish- speaking worldDemonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of peoples and societies across timeLeadership and advocacy for the improvement of the human condition

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